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Pet Rules

[Information provided in the PROSPECTUS FOR  PARK ROYALE] [PDF Printable Version]

Residents may have two (2) registered “domesticated” pets per household with Management’s approval. All pets must be registered with Management prior to entering the home. Certain breeds of dogs [including but not limited to Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Staffordshire Terriers, Presa Canarious, Boerboels, Cane Corsas, Akitas, certain bulldog breeds, (including pitbulls (sic)) wolf breeds and chows as well as dogs that have physical characteristics of one or more of those breeds, or that have a wolf-like appearance] are not permitted in the Community due to their size and/or aggressive natures. The decision whether a dog meets any of the above criteria lies in the sole and unfettered discretion of Management.

Failure to abide by these Rules and Regulations may result in demands for removal of pets, loss of pet privileges and/or eviction pursuant to section 723.061, Florida Statues.

1. Pets are specifically prohibited from the office, from other Community or recreation buildings or facilities, and other Residents’ lots.

2. Where required, a current rabies tag must be worn by the pet. Home Owner must have proof that their pets have had all required and updated vaccinations.

3. Dangerous or aggressive pets are not allowed. Any animal that displays dangerous or aggressive behavior, as determined by Management in its sole and unfettered discretion, must be removed from the premises. Aggressive behavior may include, but is not limited to, lunging, growling, biting and/or barking at Residents or other pets.

4. Residents are required to clean-up their pet’s defection on their site and while walking their pet.

5. When outside, all pets must be kept on a hand-held leash.

6. Pets may not be tied up and left outdoors.

7. Management may required removal of pets that cause excessive noise or disturb other Residents.

8. “Beware of Dog” signs are not permitted.

9. Management reserves the right to reject any pet, including exotic pets such as snakes, wild animals or other animals which, in Management’s sole discretion, appear dangerous to others and/or inappropriate to house (sic) within the community.

10. Legitimate assistance animals may be accommodated with proof of disability (as defined by the law) and written verification from a health care provider. (The Community Manager can provide you with Service Animal Policy and required forms).

Management disclaims any responsibility for the occurrences of harm, injury or death to a pet caused by agents or employees or by Residents.