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   By Jay Johnson
   21 June 2016   
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  On 6 May 2016, the Purple Paws Pet Club [PPPC] Board of Directors unanimously adopted the following resolution:

Resolved that the Purple Paws Pet Club shall conduct an anonymous pet census of the number of dogs, cats and birds in Park Royale during the months of May, June and July of 2016.

Resolved that no information about individual home units and their animals shall be recorded, and that only total numbers of animals shall be published. [2016:05-06-02]

  Pursuant to this resolution, a door-to-door census of the dogs, cats and birds was conducted by the PPPC, employing the Form 2016:05-06 Survey, and the results were recorded and reported herein.

  Certain units were not counted for various reasons including empty lots, empty units, no one home or unresponsive inquiries.

  Unreported Units:         59
  Dogs                     110
  Cats                      88
  Birds                     33 

    Total Animals          231

  This report shall be presented to the PPPC Board of Directors at their next BOD Meeting; it shall be forwarded to Terry Bulava, General Community Manager, to Bill Hill, President of the Park Royale Home Owners Association, published on the Purple Paws Pet Club web site [http://www.purplepaws.com] and on the Announcement Board at the Community Center.


[Form 2016:05-06 Survey]

  The purpose of this ANONYMOUS community survey is to establish the extent of the pet population in Park Royale so that activities and services might be customized for our pets, and arrangements for group rates on those services might be negotiated.

  Information gleaned from this survey will be held in strictest confidence, and only the total numbers for  Park Royale survey will be shared. Privacy issues are our concern, and no individual data will be reported.

  The survey is done with the permission of the Community Manager and that of the Home Owner’s Association (HOA), but neither entity will have access to any individual information obtained.

  Your participation in this survey is strictly voluntary. If you elect NOT to participate, your decision will not be held against you in any way, and your lack of participation will not be reported except as a “Total Number of Non-Participating Residences”.

  The Purple Paws Pet Club of Park Royale would like to thank you for your participation in this important survey. The results will be used to enhance the lives of our pets and a report shall be provided to our Community in the near future.

  Street:     Thames

  Residences Not Counted # _______________________________
  Dog(s)    # ____________________________________________
  Cat(s)    # ____________________________________________
  Bird(s)   # ____________________________________________

  Use hashmarks: ////