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A Position Article by Jay Johnson

As we stated in Part I, we often are heard using the three words: respect, responsibility, and balance in reference to our standards as a Pet Club. What do these words mean to us, and how do we apply them to the Purple Paws Pet Club? In this article, we will address the issue of balance.

If respect and responsibility describe the requisite character of the Purple Paws Pet Club, our application of these behaviors must be performed in a balanced framework. We want to demonstrate this approach by describing some real life issues, that, as a Club, we are certain to address.

One issue we must face, one that all Park Clubs and members must face, is our relationship with the Park’s ownership and management style. In some cases, the strained relationship has caused such a division that some Clubs have disbanded, and some individual home owners have simply packed up and left. This may appear a harsh statement on our part, but lets be honest, this has really happened, and it has happened more than once.

We are not blaming anyone here; it is just a fact.

We suggest that a balanced approach, when dealing with certain divisive issues, may have prevented some of these break-ups. We further believe that to cultivate a balanced approach, it is imperative to understand two important facts: (1) This Park is a business for the purpose of making money, and (2) The best interest of the Purple Paws Pet Club requires that real solutions may be generated and must be considered in the context of the Park’s business goals.

For example, our approach to dealing with large dogs in this Park has been one that seeks to be a part of the solution to this issue, not the antagonist. We have argued against the war cry by some of our neighbors, “ALL LARGE DOGS MUST GO!” We have argued instead, for a more advantageous position, where we might provide experienced and knowledgable input into future decisions that may bring large dogs into our Community.

We have also sought to serve as an advisor and intermediary for remedial actions regarding any dog, large or small, in our Park that fails to meet behavior standards. As advocates for all pets in our Park, we seek their safe integration.

Another means of achieving balance through the PPPC is reflected in how we work with other Clubs, like the Royalites, the Shuffleboard Club, or even the Home Owner’s Association (HOA). We have made it clear that as far as the PPPC is concerned, any previous conflicts between Clubs, either real or imagined, are over. We envision no adversaries in our Community, and our position is clear and steadfast: LET US HAVE PEACE!

We recognize our need to work under the HOA umbrella and, as a Club, we intend to provide our share of funds necessary to support the Home Owner’s Association.

One expression that demonstrates a balance between the HOA and the PPPC exists in the PPPC Membership provisions.

Here is how it works: all current HOA members have been given an automatic membership in the PPPC. [Please see Article III of our Bylaws.]

There will be no second set of membership dues required. If you want to join the PPPC, simple join the HOA. We work together; we share the benefits; and we share the responsibilities.

That balance between Clubs extends into the population of our Park as well. Although voting rights rest in the hands of those residents who are HOA members, any resident may attend and participate in any PPPC Meeting, whether you are a member or not. We encourage that kind of interest.

In a word, we believe balance can be achieved in our human/pet Community, and we believe that we can be better neighbors because of our pets, not despite them.

Finally, the mission of the Purple Paws Pet Club is to be energetic advocates and champions for the dogs, the cats, and the birds of Park Royale, and we believe that the true measure of our success shall be achieved through genuine respect for our pets, our neighbors and our Community. This will require an active responsible membership that is willing to work tirelessly to achieve a credible and lasting balance.